We are proud of Norwich Road – it is the home of some fantastic businesses, ambitious entrepreneurs; the beating heart of a big mix of people who are all in it together. Some have been here for generations, others a few decades, and others are new. But they all share in the buzz that is Norwich Road. 

And you don’t have to look very hard to discover that buzz – whether it’s in the culture, the diversity, the entertainment, the food, the shops. It’s all here.

Where else can you taste the most delicious Portuguese tarts (apart from in Lisbon)?

Where else can you drool over Turkish flatbreads, the very best curries or Polish sausages?

Where can you buy the best clothes in Suffolk and come out looking not like you own the place but like you don’t care who owns the place?

Where can you enjoy a real coffee that doesn’t come in a cup stamped with a bland chain store logo?

Norwich Road has had a brilliant mix of shops and cultures for many years. In the seventies, while Queen was rocking St Matthew’s Baths at one end of the Road, people were moving in and bring their mojo with them. This was students, music, small businesses (and Coes – they really are veterans) and fun.

Norwich Road is on the up – it is changing. It is a magnet for multi-cultural vibrancy, a real mix of edgy entertainment and the home for some great and growing retail businesses.

And that welcome mix is reflected in the group that is turning this project into a reality – people like William Coe, Mark Straw, Cad Taylor… from different walks of life but with the same driving ambition.

Colin Kreidewolf (local Borough Councillor) is a great fan of the place: 

“Like my fellow ward councillors and many more colleagues across the council, I am a passionate supporter of Norwich Road. I love the place and it sums up to me why we celebrate Ipswich’s wonderful mix of businesses and cultures. If you’ve got this far you probably want to know a bit more. The best thing you can do is come down here and enjoy some great food, gifts, haircuts, coffee and a lot more besides. You will also find out so much about the new Ipswich. Open your eyes and ears and have fun.”

Come and see us, join the thousands of people who live, work and visit this wonderful Road. It’s time to discover the special qualities that make this part of Ipswich unique. What are you waiting for?